Meditation of my Heart is the home of James Walton’s musical settings of Responsorial Psalms for use in Sunday Mass and other liturgies.

All the sheet music and recordings are free to use for Sunday Mass or any other liturgy. Subscribe to the blog, or check back each Monday morning for the psalm setting for the following Sunday. From January 2017, I am re-recording every psalm setting (sorry for any inconvenience).

The music is dedicated to the memory of a wonderful man, Melvyn Walton. Uncle Melvyn died with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 70, having suffered with the condition for many years. He was a wonderful singer, amongst other things, and a funny, humble and gentle Yorkshireman, and I miss him very much.


Thanks to all those who’ve supported this project, including:

  • Lucy Walton
  • Ursula and Carl Krystek-Walton
  • Ailsa Walton
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  • Clare and Warren Walton
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  • Tim Milner
  • Andrew ‘Xerxes’ McCafferty
  • Rosey and Johnny Fetherston
  • Mary Tanner
  • Elaine Walton
  • Lucille and Desmond Kennedy
  • Fleur Walton
  • Peter Baines
  • Fr Peter Sharrocks
  • Fr Jim Clarke
  • Dudley Newell
  • Adam O’Rourke
  • Angela
  • Benjamin Hardy
  • Simonetta and FourEver <3
  • Daniel Badí & Wiley Rinaldi
  • Fr Norman Johnston
  • Debbie Barratt
  • all anonymous benefactors

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The Psalm texts are taken from The Grail Psalms © 1963 The Grail (England) published by Collins. Music © 2013 – 2017 James Walton.

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